Maritime State University

The Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University is one of the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region, established in 1890. MSU trains specialists of all spheres required for the sea transportation system in natural sciences, humanities, engineering and marine areas. MSU is an authoritative research and methodological centre of maritime education. MSU started to plan for the new training centre several years ago and now those many years of hard work in planning are bearing fruit.


Customer: Maritime State University. (MSU)
Location: Vladivostok Russia 

During the early autumn 2017 MSU delegation visited several potential training equipment suppliers and training centres. Akela organised a tour of the Meriturva training centre in Finland where we could see several simulators and mass evacuation systems in operation. We also had a long meeting with the technical chief and MSU was quite impressed with the training set-up.

Later in same year Akela was invited to visit MSU to see the construction of the facilities and have discussions about the overall scope and requirements of different training scenarios3. The plans involved establishment of a very comprehensive training centre with Maritime Simulation complex with several full mission integrated navigation simulators for advanced training and certification in one part and a well-equipped sea safety and survival training facility for all kinds of maritime related emergency scenarios for all types of ship crews and offshore personnel.

Finally, the main two suppliers were selected by summer 2018, both from Finland. Wärtsilä/Transas was chosen to deliver the equipment for the Maritime Simulation complex and Akela was chosen to deliver the complete set of equipment, simulators, training aids, train-the-trainer and accreditation support for the sea safety and survival training.

Akela scope of work included sea safety and survival training simulators, including HUET, TEMPSC, mass evacuation systems (chute & slide), wave generation, sound systems, FRC’s with davits, overhead crane with a helicopter mock-up for most realistic sea rescue and winch rescue simulation, enclosed space training system and a large variety of associated equipment and support functions.

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