Russian Marine Rescue

Russian Marine Rescue (Rosmorrechflot) is the leading sea rescue company for the Russian transport industry with largest diving personnel in the country – 180 highly qualified specialists, the majority of whom have completed international training.

Late spring 2015 Russian Marine Rescue (MRS) directors met with AKELA in Finland. MRS marine rescue responsibilities cover the whole Russian Federation coastal and sea areas for marine rescue. MRS was interested in establishing sea safety and survival training at their HQ in Moscow and the kind of requirements are required in Russia now and in future.

Location: Moscow Russia 


Customer: Russian Marine Rescue (MRS)

As a result of the above mentioned open and frank discussions Akela was invited to visit and view the MRS existing premises along the Moskva river. AKELA specialist team then identified that the existing facilities for rescue diver and ROV training courses could be updated and converted to incorporate OPITO BOSIET type training.

In 2016 Akela was chosen as the main supplier of all simulators and training equipment. AKELA supplied upgrade to MRS facility with all-inclusive BOSIET simulators and equipment. AKELA provided train-the-trainer services for all training staff together with guidance and management of the OPITO accreditation process.

The facilities in Moscow already included an indoor pool, with 25m length and 7m width. Some conversions were needed to fit HUET inside the pool hall, this exercise included removing the roof of the building and bringing down HUET and lifting arrangement (certified I-beam with hoist equipped with UPS for safe operation even during power outage) by crane. TEMPSC davit and mustering platforms are located outside. TEMPSC is lowered into the Moskva river with a propulsion system to keep the winter ice at bay.

The project was completed in late 2017 and since then the training centre has been operating with full capacity.

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