Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport

Oil & Gas Institute (OGI) 

Maritime Safety Institute (MSI)

The Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (also known as AASTMT or AAST) and Akela work together towards international high-level training accreditations, trainer qualifications and training development to match the current and future needs of the local and regional Oil & Gas and maritime sector in Alexandria, Egypt.

AASTMT is now accredited to provide Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Controlling Emergencies assessment programme together with Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR) and Control Room Operator (CRO) training. The training involves careful assessment of trainee’s performance based on direct observation in a simulated environment. Akela and AASTMT, after comprehensive preparation, have been able to create a very efficient, advanced and versatile training simulation. This allows AASTMT to provide most realistic simulated conditions according to the OPITO Industry Standards.

AASTMT highly trained staff provide this highly dedicated and advanced emergency management training for key personnel who are about to be appointed to an OIM position or who are already serving as an OIM or personnel who are in charge or who are members of an emergency management team.

Currently AASTMT is the only accredited training provider in Egypt for both OIM and MEMIR. Furthermore, AASTMT is one of only five providers in the whole MENA region for MEMIR and one of three providers for OIM Controlling Emergencies training.

Captain Ashraf Halawa is the Head of Oil and Gas Technology Program and serves also as Vice Dean for Foreign Affairs at Maritime Safety Institute. After sailing the seven seas and further education at the World Maritime University in Sweden, Capt Ashraf returned to Egypt and has been working diligently towards developing and achieving international high-level standard training at AASTMT Maritime Safety Institute. 

Capt. Ashraf has lead his team over many obstacles in the past years and the recent accreditations are a testament of his stamina and work ethic. As for Akela, Capt. Ashraf is pleased that not only do we have a common goal but that we are joined in our belief that goodness and kindness are more important than fame and fortune.

For information and booking one of the several accredited courses, go to:

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