Stena Oil to the rescue

Stena Oil is the leading supplier of bunker oil in the Nordic countries and provides full-service marine solutions for vessels in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and the North Sea. In recognition of Stena’s ability to find quick solutions, Stena has signed an agreement with the EU to handle oil spills in Nordic waters. This agreement, made with European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), has meant that MT Norden, one of Stena fleet of five bunker ships, has been equipped with the equipment and all crew trained to be able to quickly respond and take care of oil spills at sea.

But let’s go back in time a bit. At the beginning of the summer 2016, Stena had to step up to the mark. Under the EMSA inspectors’ watchful eye, the bunker vessel Nordea together with its crew showed that they had what it takes to be able to deal with oil spills. The drill was a big success.

Stena had been preparing a long time for the task. It was the beginning of 2015 when Akela and Stena first started discussions about the possibility, feasibility and possible success of a joint venture. EMSA had published a tender for a oil spill recovery vessel availability contract. What followed was successful bidding and contract negotiations over the next several months. And finally in the end Stena came out as a winner.

Stena, together with the owner and operator of the vessel, Oljola AB, have demonstrated tremendous dedication and have spared no effort to fulfil, and in most cases exceed, the stringent demands by EMSA. Hampus Rondahl from Stena Oil comments: “We put a lot of effort in adapting the ship so as to be able to use the oil recovery equipment. And a lot of work has gone into training the crew. But we were able to be ready well ahead of the project deadline, thanks to the help from Pekka at Akela”

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