Training, on both corporate and individual level, is changing dramatically. Before the norm was to travel and attend face-to-face, close contact training. Today the online digital training tools are more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable too!

Training is evolving fast. In the offshore training we simulate the possible dangers in the work environment. Transfer of skills by remote is challenging when practical safety and survival training is required. Digital and remote learning tools will in most cases still need to be linked with on-site training – possibly in virtual and/or augmented reality with high-fidelity sensor technology.

Training makes the master and practice makes perfect. Competent training takes into account the industry needs and requirements and matches those with the skilled trainers, curriculum and courseware

We deliver a dynamic approach to training for the oil and gas, maritime and other sectors with similar needs with achieving competence for short technical courses, safety and survival, emergency management and specialist skills training.

Akela has a keen interest in training development and innovation support for its partners and customers. We are experienced in both physical simulation and Virtual & Augmented Reality applications.

One size for all;
Akela has several key partnerships combining international expertise with local knowledge and skills.

Akela provides complete training packages and training courses, together with advanced training tools, simulators and courseware.

We strive to offer best possible training opportunities and project outcome for our customers, partner companies and trainees alike.

Let’s develop

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