Akela akelaband.com akela.band

Some 12+ years ago in 2008 when Akela was established the internet was already getting very crowded with all kinds of information with countless websites full of news, images, stories and people and companies selling this and that. As it happens the domain akela-dot-com was taken and if our memory serves right was owned by IBM or some other a bit more established US company at the time, who upon contacting were not at all interested to even consider releasing/selling the domain name to some upstart business in the far corner of their world.

Well, now, some 12 years later,  Akela training development services have evolved and Akela has become a trusted provider of emergency response, environment protection, safety and survival training development services with customers such as Total, one of the big oil super majors, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Arab Academy and many more bigger and small companies, authorities and organisations in need of training aids, simulations, competence and qualifications. Akela training development services are being used around Europe, Far East,  MENA region and the Americas. We have been quite successful and look forward to new challenges and opportunities as we continue to learn and apply new ideas, innovations and technologies in our training development services.

Herewith we at Akela want to thank you, the owner/operator of the akela-dot-com domain in 2008, for your short and, at the time, bittersweet, answer “NO”. It made us think more broadly and come up with the name akelaband.com as our website, describing well the nature of our operations and the power of partnerships in our services. 

We have just added the domain akela.band to help more people and companies to find us and hopefully enjoy our new website design too.

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